Judge Dismisses 25-year-old Murder Conviction; New Hearing Scheduled for August 13th

For the past 25 years, two brothers have spent their lives in prison for a crime that according to new witnesses, the brothers did not commit. On Thursday, July 26th, Wayne County Circuit Judge Lawrence Talon reversed the first-degree murder convictions for Thomas and Raymond Highers. However, the judge did not release the men, but did schedule a new hearing for August 13th.

The brothers were first convicted of murdering 65-year-old Robert Karey in 1988. Karey was a known drug dealer in the Detroit area; it was also reported that the Highers men, both 46 years old, were drug abusers. They were serving life without parole after being convicted on charges of drug house robbery and the shotgun slaying of Karey. Family members who are anxiously waiting the release of the men are getting exasperated, particularly younger brother Scott Highers who said, “Ups and downs, ups and downs . . . Another second of them sitting here is too long.”

Michigan criminal defense attorneys know that individuals are often imprisoned for crimes they did not commit, in fact much more frequently than most people realize.

While family members are becoming impatient as the release of the Highers brothers drags out, the judge is delaying the release until he conducts a thorough review of the prison conduct record of the men.

Prosecutors plan to appeal the release of the brothers, arguing that the prison records indicate that the men could potentially be a threat to the community. Records revealed that over the brothers’ 25 year imprisonment, there were a few conduct issues including fights with other inmates and citations for disobeying orders. However, it’s likely the Highers brothers’ attorneys will argue that both of the men held down prison jobs, and obtained their GEDs while incarcerated.

The men are greatly anticipating their release, although it is yet to be determined whether the judge will in fact release them.

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