Inmate Faces Charges After Escaping Detroit Courthouse & Allegedly Cutting Deputy

On Monday September 9, a 14-hour chase ensued after an inmate made a break for it while awaiting sentencing on charges of carjacking and robbery, according to an article at 25-year-old Abraham Pearson allegedly stabbed Wayne County Sheriff’s Deputy Harrison Collison as the deputy was removing the inmate’s cuffs, using a shank to stab him numerous times in the ear and neck before fleeing the courthouse. law-and-order-533138-m.jpg

After stabbing the deputy, Pearson allegedly placed the handcuffs on the guard and stole his uniform. After exiting the courthouse, he drove east in a minivan that he carjacked from a woman; police immediately pursued Pearson in a manhunt that would last for 14 hours before coming to an end.

The minivan Pearson had stolen was later found abandoned near East Jefferson and Concord. A command center was set up by Detroit police at East Jefferson and Helen, while other law enforcement officials including the Detroit Special Response Team and Wayne County sheriff’s deputies performed a search of the surrounding area including the interior of some homes and nearby neighborhoods. A helicopter with the Department of Homeland Security also circled the area in search of Pearson, who was captured after a brief foot chase in the area of Mount Elliot and Interstate 94 after officials received a tip from a 911 caller.

Following his capture, Pearson was charged with 11 felony counts including carjacking, impersonating a police officer to commit a crime, armed robbery, assaulting a police officer causing serious impairment, obstruction of justice, assault with intent to murder, and more. His sentencing for the previous charges was postponed until September 23 in light of the additional charges. Pearson was scheduled to be arraigned on the new charges September 12.

Considering the number of charges and the seriousness of the crimes Pearson has been charged with, it is likely this young man will spend many more years or perhaps even life behind bars. Carjacking is a life offense; assaulting a police officer resulting in serious impairment will leave the defendant facing up to 15 years in prison and/or fines of up to $10,000.

It is critical that anyone in a position such as Pearson is in has a skilled and aggressive Michigan criminal defense attorney. If you have been charged with any crime, regardless of how minor or serious it seems, obtain the support and guidance of a capable lawyer.

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