Flint Men Plead Guilty in U.S. District Court to Armed Robbery of Area Banks

On Thursday October 31, two Flint men pleaded guilty in Flint U.S. District Court to committing armed bank robbery on at least three occasions between late 2011 and early 2012. Percy Solomon Dendy Jr., 21, and Demond Ontario Wilson, 38, each pleaded guilty to brandishing a firearm during a violent crime and armed bank robbery. case-with-dollars-3-1136586-m.jpg

Authorities claim the two men robbed the Citizens Bank on South Dort Highway in Flint in November of 2011, making off with nearly $16,000. In April of 2012, they allegedly robbed the Citizens Bank on Clio Road in Flint of $18,000, then stole $380,000 in an armed robbery at the Dort Federal Credit Union on West Pierson Road on May 30 of 2012.

Charges in the two later bank robberies were dismissed in exchange for the men’s guilty pleas. In the armed robbery of the Dort Highway Citizens Bank in Flint, Wilson was in possession of a shotgun and Dendy a pistol as they entered the bank with their faces covered. News articles claim the two demanded money from employees after brandishing their weapons. Wilson stood guard in the lobby while Dendy allegedly jumped the counter and stole money. A third person is said to have driven the getaway vehicle.

Authorities ultimately discovered a vehicle they believed to be the getaway car less than an hour after the robbery. Items found inside included a short-barreled shotgun, a mask, and gloves. Police were led to Wilson after a DNA test conducted on the hat pointed to Wilson.

According to a news report at Mlive.com, Dendy will serve approximately 10 to 11 years for his role in the armed bank robbery; Wilson will serve from 22 to 27 years in federal prison. In addition, both men will pay restitution, Dendy to two Citizens Banks, and Wilson for all three.

Sentencing for the two men is set for February 25.

Armed bank robbery is a very serious criminal offense. In the state of Michigan, anyone who attempts to steal property or money while in possession of a dangerous weapon or even insinuating the presence of a weapon in order to instill fear may be sentenced to as much as life in prison according to Michigan Penal Code 750.529. While the defendants in this case may face a substantial number of years behind bars, it could have been far worse.

The top priority of any Michigan criminal defense attorney is to prevent charges from being filed, or have the charges against his or her client dismissed or reduced. Limiting or eliminating jail time is critical for those who have been accused of a serious crime. If you have been arrested or charged with armed robbery, home invasion, carjacking, or any serious offense, consult with a skilled defense lawyer immediately.

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