Felony Charges Against Delhi Township Burglary Suspect Dismissed

A Lansing man, 30-year-old Ronald Jones, was charged in June with a Delhi Township burglary; now, charges against Jones have been dismissed by Ingham District Judge Donald Allen. Jones was originally charged with breaking and entering and possession of burglary tools.

According to news reports, a witness to Jones’ alleged crimes did not show up to testify, which an Ingham County Chief Assistant Prosecutor stated effectively ended their case against the defendant.

Originally, a call was received on June 29th by Ingham County Sheriff’s Delhi Division from a citizen who was concerned about activity that seemed suspicious at a home in the 4300 block of Harper Road. When deputies arrived at the address, there was a burglary in progress according to the Sheriff’s Office. There were two suspects which deputies pursued after they fled the scene in a vehicle. While deputies did not catch the suspects at that time, they did recover stolen property from a vehicle which was abandoned by the suspects when they left that vehicle for a second vehicle in the midst of the pursuit.

An accomplice in the burglary, 23-year-old Branden Williams, was identified by the Sheriff’s Office as well. Both men are from the Lansing area. Williams was charged with fleeing the scene and eluding police.

Williams was arraigned on July 19th according to court records, charged with breaking and entering a building with intent, third-degree fleeing a police officer, and possession of burglary tools.

Under Michigan law, an individual convicted on charges of breaking and entering with the intent of committing a felony such as theft may face prison time of as much as 10 years. When a firearm is present (whether used or not) in the commission of the crime, the defendant may be sentenced to as many as 20 years in prison, along with a $5,000 fine.

Those charged with burglary and/or other theft crimes are advised to consult with an experienced Michigan theft and property crimes attorney immediately following the arrest. Your lawyer will begin an investigation at once, working to prepare a solid, effective defense to protect your freedom, reputation, career and future.

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