Families of Two Teens Found Slain in Detroit in July Still Waiting for Charges to be Filed

In late July, the bodies of 17-year-old Jourdan Bobbish and 18-year-old Jacob Kudla were found in a field near Detroit’s east side, both shot in the head. The boys had been missing for several days prior to being found by police. Both victims were residents of Westland, Michigan. While two men are in custody on related charges, they have not yet been charged in the murders of the two teens.

Casey Green and Larry Anderson have since been arrested on charges of obstruction of justice, tampering with evidence and larceny from a motor vehicle. According to prosecutors, the two men were found with items from a vehicle the two victims had been driving prior to their murder. The vehicle is a 2001 Chevy Cavalier.

While Michigan murder defense attorneys understand the heartache and devastation families go through in situations such as this, they also know from experience that many innocent people face charges of crimes they did not commit. Ultimately, those who are not guilty of the crimes they are accused of may spend years behind bars.

Kudla and Bobbish left the home of Kudla’s uncle on the evening of July 22nd; the field where the bodies were later discovered is approximately five miles from the uncle’s home. Reporters were told by Kudla’s mother that she believed the two teens picked up marijuana from a relative and were then carjacked in the 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier they were last seen driving.

Mike Bobbish, along with his family and members of Kudla’s family, arrived at court on Monday August 13th to find there had been another delay in the case against the two suspects. According to Bobbish, the information received by the families regarding the suspects sounds promising. In the meantime, family members are working to increase the amount of the reward offered to anyone with information that may lead to an arrest.

Individuals charged with any criminal offense including larceny, tampering with evidence, or murder should take action to protect their legal rights promptly. Whether you have already been arrested or suspect you are being investigated for a crime, whether guilty or innocent, consult with a qualified Michigan criminal defense lawyer.