DUI Arrest Punishment May Depend On Location Of DUI Stop

A recent article in the Detroit Free Press reaches the startling conclusion – the punishment you may receive as the result of a drunk driving arrest may depend on where within metro Detroit you are detained.

Based on an analysis of court records, if you are stopped South of 8 Mile in Detroit, there’s little chance you will go to jail on a first offense, although North of 14 Mile Road in Birmingham the likelihood of being incarcerated is great.

Any time you are stopped for a Michigan DUI/OUIL offense it is important to contact an experienced Michigan DUI defense lawyer to vigorously fight to maintain your driving privileges and prepare your defense.

According to the investigation conduct by the Free Press, sentences vary throughout the Detroit metro area. The reason: Michigan law provides significant judicial discretion in sentencing. Although it has its critics – discretion used wisely can be of great benefit. Much evidence exists that few first time offenders have repeat violations and little proof exists that stiff sentences deter future DUIs. Unfortunately, negative consequences may occur due to inconsistent judicial philosophies and overzealous who apply harsh consequences where leniency is warranted.

Clinton Township District Judge Linda Davis recently started a sobriety/drug court and focuses on rehabilitation rather than incarceration, stating, “treatment is was works.”

If you have been arrested for any Michigan DUI/OUIL charge, understanding that judges use their discretion to determine sentences, a skilled Michigan DUI defense lawyer can provide the best defense – pointing out flaws in the evidence and law enforcement errors to ensure you get the best result, wherever you are detained.

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