While Detroit Remains One of the Most Dangerous Large Cities in the Country, Crime was Down for 2014

Earlier this week, Detroit Police Chief James Craig announced that in 2014, fewer crimes were reported than in years’ past. In fact, there were more than 9,000 fewer crimes reported last year when compared with 2013. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

While certain areas types of crimes such as homicide were down, a few areas were higher than in 2013. According to the official annual crime statistics, larcenies were up 20% in 2014, and aggravated assaults up 5%. Surprisingly, homicides dropped to the lowest number since 1967, with only 300 reported in 2014. Overall, property crimes and violent crimes were down last year by 16%.

Despite maintaining the highest murder rate in the nation according to FBI crime stats from 2013, there were substantial decreases in other crimes including carjacking, robbery (a decrease of more than 33% from 2013), burglary, and auto theft. Detroit’s population has decreased by more than half of its 1.5 million resident population in 1967, and it’s understandable given the crime rate, auto industry issues in recent years, etc. However, the stats from 2014 may indicate that Detroit could be on its way back up to the thriving city it once was.

As Michigan criminal defense attorneys, we understand there are crimes that occur in every city across the nation. The news for 2014 for Detroit is great, however if you live in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Ann Arbor or any area of Michigan and have been accused of assault, carjacking, robbery, a sex crime, larceny, or even murder, it is vital that you consult with a highly experienced lawyer who has a proven track record for obtaining great results. No one wants to spend time behind bars, or have a permanent criminal record that can ruin his/her life. Don’t leave your freedom and future to chance; whether you have been wrongly accused or made a mistake, put your case in capable hands.


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