Detroit Police Officer Allegedly Gets Drunk While Possessing Department Issued Gun at Bar, Facing Misdemeanor Charges

Last week, a Detroit Police Officer allegedly visited a Detroit bar located on Eight Mile Road on three different occasions. Now, she is facing a misdemeanor count of possessing a firearm while intoxicated, according to news reports at bar-1217438-m

38-year-old Deloma Stone may spend up to 93 days in jail if found guilty. The department had initially suspended Stone with pay, however Adam Madera, a fellow Detroit Police Officer who works in the Media Relations Department, said that could change to leave without pay now that charges had been filed against Stone.

Police officers may posses their department issued handguns while off duty in a bar, however they cannot be in possession of their guns when intoxicated according to department policy.

The department received a call reporting that Stone was intoxicated and armed after she reportedly caused a scene. According to bar owner Batoul Lossia, Stone caused a scene on each of the three occasions that she visited the bar last week, accusing employees of stealing a winning Keno ticket and her cell phone. She also allegedly punched the bartender in the back of the head after following her into a bathroom.

A bartender who served stone at the Golden Greek Bar said that Stone could not handle her liquor, but that she was really nice when sober. Stone did go back to the bar after the three incidents and apologize for her actions, however employees claim she again got drunk before accusing an employee of stealing her credit card.

Even police officers find themselves in situations that can harm their careers and reputations, and even result in loss of their freedom. In this case, Stone may spend three months in jail for causing a ruckus after carrying her handgun into the bar and becoming intoxicated.

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