Detroit Mom MaryAnn Godboldo Victorious – Wayne County Court Clears All Charges Against Her

MaryAnn Godboldo has emerged victorious after a Wayne County Circuit Court Judge upheld the lower court’s ruling that a court order to remove Godboldo’s 13-year-old daughter from her care was not valid. All criminal charges stemming from police attempts to remove the child, as well as all custody charges have been dropped.

The criminal charges in this case stem from the actions by the Michigan Department of Human Services to removed Godboldo’s daughter, Ariana, from her home after Godboldo took the girl off her autism medication. Reports indicate that Godboldo had made the decision to stop giving her the medication after Ariana’s condition worsened and she received a second opinion. As stated in one news report, “the speed at which this sensible decision by a caring mother turned into sheer terror is mind-boggling.”

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Here, the officials involved claimed that the decision to stop giving Ariana Risperdal put her at risk. When the police attempted to enforce the order to remove the girl, Godboldo refused to allow them inside. Police then surrounded the house, claiming that they heard shots fired inside. Godboldo refused to come out, but eventually surrendered 12 hours later.

Godboldo was then charged with weapons violations, including assault with a dangerous weapon, shooting from inside a building, having a firearm during a felony and resisting and obstructing police.

A judge dismissed the Michigan criminal charges against Godboldo at her preliminary examination in the 36th District Court in Detroit. Godboldo stated, “I am very, very happy and blessed that Judge Giles did the right thing.”

This case is a major victory for parental rights.

The Godboldo case has received national attention with supporters arguing that Child Protective Services overstepped their boundaries in trying to force Godboldo to give Ariana a certain type of medication.

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