Detroit Area Man Charged With Masterminding $30 Million Fraud Scheme in United States v. Mehmood

According to a press release from the Department of Justice, a Detroit area man has been charged and arrested for masterminding an alleged Medicare fraud scheme worth $30 million. Reports claim that the man devised a scheme involving the submission of fraudulent claims for Medicare services that were either medically unnecessary or never performed involving at least four different home health agencies. The health agencies named in the complaint were located in Ypsilanti and Detroit.

Many times, white-collar crimes such as fraud or embezzlement charges are based allegations requiring complex accounting knowledge and investigation. If you are being investigated by a federal grand jury or are facing federal charges, it is imperative to speak to a Michigan criminal defense lawyer who understands the federal justice system immediately.

White-collar criminal charges can be serious and include several different types of alleged activity including:

• Fraud and embezzlement
• Medicare fraud
• Bank fraud
• Identity theft
• Bad check writing
• Credit card theft
• Sarbanes-Oxley violations
• RICO charges
The potential penalties vary on the type of fraud alleged, the amount of money involved and whether a crime is charged under federal or state law. Although consequences may be harsh if convicted, and may include potential jail time and substantial fines and penalties, in many cases an experienced Michigan fraud defense attorney can help you avoid jail or be able to get felony charges reduced with thorough investigation and aggressive defense.

Defending against fraud, embezzlement and white collar crimes often depends on the interpretation of complex financial matters requiring in-depth investigation and research. For example, a skilled Michigan white collar crimes defense lawyer can review the evidence and determine whether irregularities in corporate accounting may exist that provide a defense to charges of fraud or embezzlement.

Here, the man is alleged to have paid kickbacks to patient recruits and billed Medicare for unnecessary services. The complaint also alleges that Mehmood laundered the proceeds he collected through dummy companies and third parties.

The charges against Mehmood are the latest in a string of cases filed against Michigan citizens by the Medicare Fraud Strike Force operations in Detroit. As of today’s date, 139 individuals have been charged with Medicare fraud in amounts totaling $174 million. Across Michigan, “strike force operation” have filed claims against more that 1,140 people for allegedly falsely billing Medicare.

Whenever a “strike force” or “task force” is created to eradicate a particular crime, the potential that overzealous law enforcement may violate an individual’s rights increases. In an effort to make arrests, officials may overstep their boundaries. In order to fight back, it is crucial to have an experienced Michigan criminal defense law firm on your side, protecting your rights and fighting for your future.

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