Conflict in Trial for Murder of 12-year-old Girl as Juror Says He’s ‘Made Up His Mind’

In January of this year, 12-year-old Kade’jah Davis was killed after seven shots were allegedly fired into her home on Ferguson Street in Detroit’s west side. The accused killer, 19-year-old Joshua Brown, is now standing trial after being charged with her murder. The whole incident began because of a cell phone incident; Brown believed that Kade’jah’s mother, Almanda Talton, had taken the cell phone from his mother’s place of employment, a tax preparer’s shop. Heather Brown, the defendant’s mother, allegedly drove him to Talton’s home then drove him away after he fired shots into the residence.

Deliberations which had begun recently came to a halt on Tuesday when one juror claimed to have made up his mind in the case. Wayne Circuit Judge Vonda Evans received repeated notes from the jury on Monday claiming that one juror had “made a decision,” and that he refused to discuss the evidence. The judge also received notes from that juror, informing her that he had made up his mind; Evans then called the juror in for questioning on Tuesday, something that rarely occurs.

Evans ultimately determined that there was a difference of opinion, that the juror was not being obstinate and had followed instructions, and that the jury continue deliberations. The judge also instructed the juror not to state what he believed about the guilt or innocence of Joshua Brown during the questioning. Brown faces charges of assault with intent to commit murder, felony firearm and first-degree murder in the January 31st shooting which left the 12-year-old girl dead.

These are extremely serious charges; unfortunately, a 19-year-old individual could ultimately spend years or even life behind bars if convicted on the charges. Michigan criminal defense lawyers realize that many times crimes are committed out of anger or passion. While we do not condone criminal activity, we believe in many cases, such as this one involving a young man who is still in his teens, those accused deserve a second chance.

If you have been arrested for murder, homicide, felony firearm or any serious crime, contact a skilled and aggressive Michigan criminal defense attorney who will work to protect your legal rights and freedom.