Branch County Murder Case To Be Re-tried

The Battle Creek Enquirer reports that a Branch County man, Thomas Foley, will receive a second trial on charges that he killed his wife. Foley was convicted in 2009 of first-degree murder for allegedly shooting his wife, Dee Dee Foley, a Union City teacher.

If you have been charged with a violent crime such as murder or homicide, it is critical to contact a Michigan criminal defense attorney immediately to protect your rights and begin preparing your defense. In the event you have been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony criminal offense, you have a right to appeal your conviction.

Many reasons exist for appeals, including the discovery of new evidence.

Here, Foley has always maintained his wife was killed by an intruder, however the jury was not convinced at trial. According to news reports, after the trial witnesses came forth who provided new testimony that could prove Foley innocence. Three witnesses stated that they saw a car backing out of the driveway, bolstering the inference that an intruder was in the house. Circuit County Judge Sindt ordered a new trial, and the Court of Appeals agreed. The Supreme Court upheld Sindt’s opinion.

The new trial begins next month.

If you have been convicted of any Michigan criminal offense, your future will be affected. There are things you can do to appeal your conviction or minimize the negative impact on your future. For more information or if you need a Michigan criminal appeals attorney, contact the dedicated Michigan criminal defense lawyers at the law offices of Grabel & Associates, for a free consultation.

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