BP Gas Station Scene of Deadly Shooting; Police in Pursuit of Suspect

On Saturday June 14, one man was killed and a woman injured after shots rang out at a BP gas station located on 8 Mile Road and Dequindre Road. As of the latest news reports, police are still in search of the suspect, who shot the two victims following a failed carjacking attempt. gasoline-tanker-21066-m

According to news reports at My Fox Detroit, the suspect attempted to hit on a woman inside of the BP store, but the woman rejected his attempts. The woman then went outside to get in her vehicle with a man who was waiting in the car. The suspect then shot the woman and her passenger. The woman was shot in the leg, however her male companion died after being shot in the head and chest.

Police believe the man was attempting to carjack the victims. The incident occurred at approximately 6:30 Saturday evening, according to reports. The woman is 21 years old; the man who lost his life was 47 years old. The suspect was last seen getting into a white Buick Rendezvous, however they believe the owner of an orange Chevrolet Avalanche may have information regarding the incident.

Carjacking is one of the most serious crimes an individual can commit in the state of Michigan. In fact, like murder, carjacking leaves the defendant facing up to life in prison if convicted. Carjacking involves the taking of someone else’s vehicle using force, violence, or threats of force/violence in order to instill fear in anyone inside the vehicle.

While the suspect in this case likely did not intentionally kill the passenger in the woman’s car, he will still face extremely serious charges when apprehended. Considering the nature of the incident and the level of violence involved, he will no doubt face the harshest criminal penalties if found guilty.

Any individual who has committed or been accused of committing a serious or violent crime must consult with an aggressive Michigan criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. There are legal options and strategies which may help avoid a conviction, or at the very least minimize the damage and criminal penalties. Your defense attorney can help determine the most effective legal strategy for your particular case to achieve good results.