Body Parts Found by Contractors in Sewer Line – Tattoos Appear to Be 15-20 Years Old

On August 15, a news story broke about body parts which were found by contractors in the Sterling Heights area near Detroit. The contractors were working on a grouting project when crews discovered what appeared to be human body parts in a sanitary sewer inceptor line. The human remains were found under 15 Mile Road, about 50 feet below street level on a platform. Tattoos which were on some of the parts of the dismembered body were thought to be about 15 to 20 years old.

At the time of the discovery, Gene Schabath, Macomb County Deputy Public Works Commissioner, thought there were about 10 to 15 body parts. Fifteen Mile Road was closed for several hours as Sterling Heights firefighters and work crews could search for additional body parts and recover those they had found.

News reports stated that authorities believe the body parts were put in to the line somewhere else. It is 21 miles long and begins in Oakland County, ending in Detroit. The reason Schabath believes the body parts were not put in at that location is due to the fact that workers clear debris each morning, and the body parts were not at the work site on Tuesday. Lt. Luke Riley of the Sterling Height Police stated that it did not appear that the body parts had been in the sewer for a long period of time because of the condition of the parts.

At the time of news reports, the identity of the individual whose body parts were found was not known. The county medical examiner would analyze the parts while police reviewed missing person reports in an effort to identify the individual.

One week later on August 22nd, police still had no clue whose body parts had been discovered in the Detroit sewer. As of that date, no skeletal remains had been located, and police were not certain if the victim was male or female.

This is a particularly brutal story, and it is apparent that the victim was murdered whether intentionally or unintentionally. Hopefully the victim will soon be identified.

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