Argument Turns Deadly for Two Teens on Detroit’s West Side

On Wednesday, August 8th, two teens were shot and killed as they sat in their car following an argument in a Detroit west-side home. According to police officials, the two teens, a boy and girl, were shot by a man while sitting inside their car near Joy Road on the Southfield Freeway service drive. The two were shot with a high-powered rifle, likely an AK-47 according to police sources.

News reports revealed the Mercury the two teens sat in was riddled with bullets. It was believed that the teens had been in an argument with at least two other people. When the teens drove off in the Mercury, they were followed by individuals driving a black SUV according to sources.

The male teen reportedly exited the car and ran, but collapsed and died on the service drive. The female died in the car, and a third female teen sustained only minor injuries in the incident. Inspector Dwane Blackmon, head of the Detroit Police Homicide Section, said that he was uncertain of the victim’s ages, but believed both were in their late teens. He said he was told that the dispute which turned fatal was minor, and that sadly, the shooting could have been avoided.

As of Thursday police were still on the look-out for the black SUV, and urged anyone with information to contact the Detroit Police.
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