Ann Arbor Woman Charged with Open Murder Scheduled for Final Pretrial Hearing in Death of Father

In June of 2012, 49-year-old Susan Wade was charged with one count of open murder in the death of her father, Ronald Mason, who was 86 years old. Wade is scheduled to attend a final pretrial hearing on Tuesday, May 7, the last scheduled hearing before her June 3 trial date.

Wade is believed to be schizophrenic, and described by family members as “severely” mentally ill. According to news articles at, Wade stabbed her adoptive father approximately 25 to 30 times while he was sleeping in his Ann Arbor home.

Wade told court officials after her arrest that her father was in charge of her finances, keeping tabs on money she received from the government, paying her rent, and taking care of her savings account.

According to Dianna Collins, Washtenaw County Assistant Prosecutor, Wade entered her father’s bedroom after midnight and stabbed him multiple times using the longest kitchen knife she could find. Upon checking on him later that morning, Wade believed she saw her father moving and allegedly resumed the attack.

Kristine Crossman, who is Wade’s daughter, told news reporters that her mother had been staying with her grandfather, and that when she went to visit the following Saturday, she found her dead grandfather and her mother inside the home. Crossman stated that her mother had barricaded all of the windows and doors in the home.

Wade has been held without bond since her arrest in on June 9, 2012, and has been declared competent to stand trial.

Murder is an extremely serious accusation; as all Michigan murder lawyers know, individuals who are convicted will spend many years or even life in prison. When someone is convicted of open murder, his or her life is essentially over. First-degree murder will leave an individual facing life in prison without parole if convicted.

A criminal offense involving the taking of another life is the most serious of all; you must have an aggressive and experienced Michigan criminal defense attorney who will vigorously defend your legal rights and freedom. Without a capable lawyer your future literally hangs in the balance.

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