Allen Park Man Arraigned on Two Counts of First-Degree Murder After Allegedly Killing Couple and Dumping Torsos in Detroit River

Roger Bowling, a 39-year-old man living with his ex-girlfriend and her fiancé in the basement of their home, was arraigned on July 23rd in Allen Park’s 24th District Court on two counts each of first-degree murder, and dismemberment and tampering with evidence. The first-degree murder charges carry an automatic sentence of life in prison; tampering with evidence and dismemberment are felonies which each carry 10-year prison terms.

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Families of the victims, 32-year-old Danielle Greenway and 42-year-old Chris Hall, shouted obscenities on Monday as Bowling left the courtroom, some shouting “burn in hell.” They were warned to be quiet by Judge John T. Courtright, who told them they were in a court of law and to restrain themselves.

Bowling, who did not have an attorney, entered a not-guilty plea. Bowling was not granted bond, and was remanded to the Wayne County Jail where he will remain until an August 6th preliminary examination.

Greenway and Bowling had dated in high school. Sources stated that Bowling was “down on his luck,” and that Greenway had permitted him to stay in the home that she and her fiancé had just purchased on Anne Street. Hall did not like Bowling and wanted him to leave the home, according to Hall’s sister Laura Robichaud. Another of Hall’s sisters, Elania Hall, went to the couple’s home and found Bowling was still there. She stated that Bowling would not let her in, and she proceeded to push open the door when he didn’t answer. According to Robichaud, Bowling told Elania Hall that he had not seen the couple since the previous Saturday.

According to Robichaud, her sister became suspicious when she noticed the bed sheet had been ripped off of the bed, and it appeared that the kitchen sink had been scrubbed clean. She then alerted police, who came to the home and arrested Bowling later that day. A few days later, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent located one of the torsos, which had been mutilated, in the Detroit River as he conducted his routine patrol. The agent alerted the Coast Guard, which discovered the second torso while attempting to recover the first. The bodies were identified by family members through photographs and fingerprints after being removed from the river, according to Allen Park Detective Sgt. Jonathan Mathis.

The victims had been shot prior to being dismembered. Mathis said there were “copious” amounts of blood inside the home. Mathis, the lead investigator on this case, said that the couple had been killed at some point between July 14th and 16th.

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