16-year-old Detroit Resident Detained for Alleged Domestic Terrorism

A 16-year-old Detroit teen is currently being detained in Oakland County’s Children’s Village juvenile facility after being accused of domestic terrorism. The teen allegedly made what police consider “credible” threats of violence against a fair that takes place over the Memorial Day holiday, and draws more than 100,000 visitors according to a news article at Mlive.com. The St. Mary’s Polish Festival takes place in Orchard Lake each year.

The boy, whose name is not released because he is a juvenile, now faces a 20-year felony if convicted of domestic terrorism. The story unraveled when the teen allegedly made threats against the festival on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites. Another Orchard Lake St. Mary’s student reportedly saw the threats on the sites and told his parents, who then alerted the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office and Orchard Lake police.

According to a statement made by the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department on Tuesday May 28, photos depicting an assault rifle, handgun, and magazines for a handgun were shown on the social media sites, each making reference to the Orchard Lake St. Mary’s Festival.

The boy was identified, questioned, and arrested on Friday May 24 following a combined effort of various agencies to identify the suspect, who admitted to a comment posted on Twitter.

Michigan juvenile crime attorneys understand that in some instances, a juvenile may be charged as an adult when the offense is considered particularly violent or threatening. If the teen in this case is convicted and sentenced to 20 years in prison, he will spend much of his young life behind bars. Having a criminal record will negatively impact his entire life, even after he has served his sentence. Juveniles often make mistakes in an attempt to look “cool” or “tough” to their peers, never realizing the possible implications to their lives and futures.

Individuals who are accused of domestic terrorism or other serious felony offenses must consult with a capable and experienced Michigan criminal defense lawyer at once to protect your legal rights and freedom.

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